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Feeding America - A Leader in the Domestic Fight against Hunger

Ramon Arias, Birmingham Alabama

For more than a decade, Ramon Arias has presided over Bravo Corporation, a pizza franchise in Birmingham, Alabama. Dedicated to giving back to residents of Birmingham, Alabama, and surrounding areas, Ramon Arias donates to several food pantries that are part of the Feeding America network.

Feeding America connects food pantries across the country in a centralized effort to solve hunger in the United States. In addition to providing food for people on the ground, the organization works diligently to increase awareness of the issues involved and undertakes research on nationwide hunger rates.

Since its inception, the organization has worked closely with the Ad Council to provide public service announcements about hunger. In addition, Feeding America has partnered with several celebrities to increase the effectiveness of these campaigns and rally Americans to contribute to the cause.

The organization’s Hunger Action Center has created an online community of more than 150,000 individuals who advocate for programs that will reduce hunger at the federal, state, and local government levels. Much of this advocacy is informed by the quadrennial Hunger in America studies and the annual Map the Meal Gap reports, funded in part by Feeding America.


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