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The Foundry - Helping People through the Recovery Process

Ramon Arias, Birmingham Alabama

Ramon Arias is the president of a successful pizza franchise in Birmingham, Alabama. Outside of work, Ramon Arias supports a number of organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people in Birmingham and other parts of Alabama. These include the Foundry Ministries, which maintains a transitional program for individuals getting out of prison.

In addition to its transitional services, the Foundry offers a 12-month residential recovery program that focuses on making new habits and repairing relationships. At the beginning of the program, participants analyze their past behaviors to determine what motivated them to begin using drugs or alcohol and what they can do differently in the future. Then, adult education coursework helps men and women develop the skills they need to break the cycle of addiction.

Before finishing the program, participants go through extensive employment readiness training, including work in other social enterprises undertaken by the Foundry.

At present, the Foundry maintains the recovery program at two facilities. The Foundry Farm provides 80 beds for men, while the Bessemer campus offers beds for 132 men and 56 women.


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